Finholder and More Takes Control of Boat Clutter


Finholder and More Takes Control of Boat Clutter

Ever find yourself tripping over or even breaking equipment sprawled out on your boat deck? Or searching endlessly through unsightly buckets and bulky bags to find something? Well, now you can easily eliminate these problems.

Created by 38-year marine canvas veteran, seasoned scuba diver and novice free diver John Adinolfe, Finholder and More, offers boaters a clean and attractive way to eliminate clutter on your boat deck. Originally designed to store mask, fins and snorkel gear, Finholder and More offers endless storage capabilities, whether you’re pleasure boating or leading a busy snorkeling excursion. From fishing gear to outdoor wear, from towels and hats to shoes and snacks, this patented product stores just about anything.

“Many boaters use buckets and milk crates to store items, “Adinolfe explained. “Finholder and More is quick, simple to use and portable, which is especially important if you’re moving from boat to boat.”

With its clean, nautical design, Finholder and More is made with durable Marine grade materials including heavy duty, best quality zippers and breathable mesh fabric. Models come with up to four pockets, but boaters can also purchase custom models to suit their specific needs. The product comes with a one-year warranty against workmanship fault.

“After 25 years of spearfishing, this is the first time I’ve seen a beautiful way to keep everything organized,” said Sheri Daye, Free Dive Spearfishing Champion, world record holder and host of Outdoor Channel’s “Spear Hunter.” “Boat owners have needed something like this because it’s so important to have the deck clear, efficient and well run.”

The product models are designed to affix to a handrail or bolster track. Pockets are wide, deep and expandable. Pockets can also be designed with clear plastic material so you can see what’s in them.

Boat Captain Eric Money, who has endorsed the product, describes it in recent videos as convenient, accessible and dry. One custom model on the back of a cabin door even stored snacks, drinks, fruit and more. “It’s like a convenience store,” Money commented.

Adinolfe has been helping boaters clean up their clutter since March 2013 when he received the product patents. “Every boater in the world could benefit from this product,” he said. “There’s no size limit.”

To learn more, visit or see the product in use at Ready to place an order, call John Adinolfe directly at 561-845-9491. He’s looking forward to making your boating experience a better one.